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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sealskinz Winter Cycling Gloves anbody got issues

I recieved a letter back from Sealskinz explaining they have no formal rating process on the gloves and everyone feels the cold differently and refuse to change my gloves.

So it seems that a thermal rating of 4 means nothing and it may as well be 8 out of 10  or 40 out of 50 they are just numbers , as for winter well i would not use these for winter but spend your money on some ski gloves for £15 at TKMaxx that will perform a lot better than anything sealskinz make, and a damn site cheaper

Anybody else having problems with the Winter Cycle Gloves from Sealskinz.  This is the specification and I am trying to get answers on what determines a Thermal Rating of 4 but they refuse to answer me.  I will add the email exchange soon enough.  There are also reviews added in the last two weeks that they are not performing and I am having the same problem.

Winter is usually around Demember to February and the temperatures will usually be around Plus 3 to minus 8 degrees, so I would expect a Winter specific glove to perform in these temperatures whilst on a bike and take the wind chill of riding a bike at around 10 miles per hour.   These gloves are advertised within the commuter range aswell as  road sections of the website and they will ride around 15 miles per hour.  I have been using them off road and getting around 5 to 6 miles per hour.  In minus 4 at the most here in sunny rochdale. Still they are cold and did get wet inside during my October November runs as my hands got too hot so the wicking away was not working either.

I would like to speak to Alex Giradet and ask him what gloves he uses as I am sure they will not be the Winter Cycling Gloves as testimonial on the website http://www.sealskinz.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23_28&products_id=40

Winter Cycle Gloves £40.00
Lightweight, rugged, technical gloves designed and engineered
for riding in cold and wet conditions. Highly breathable with good
insulation for increased warmth without moisture build-up.
• Anatomic design
• Pre-curved finger form
• Durable Ripstop water resistant outer shell fabric
• Spot insulation placement for extra warmth
• Soft, durable synthetic palm with great grip
• Gel pressure point padding
• Silicone contact point mapping increases grip
• Extended stretch cuffs
• Reflective piping on back
• Fleece wiper on thumb