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Monday, 10 December 2012

Its for Charity mate...

Well we are going to try to raise some money for the NW Air Ambulance Charity by doing a calendar shoot with some cheeky naked people in it ,   oooh thats so original i hear you cry, but this time it has a focus on Bikes.   The only link to the NWAA will be the time they come to collect you from a pretty bad accident in a remote part of the countryside. 

It all started out as a just a random statement on twitter ,  I got a few people saying they where interested and to go for it ... so it has turned into this.


The NWAA are not associated in any way this is just a private thing by private people for a bit of fun.

If you have had an accident and used the NWAA then please log onto the facebook site and tell us about it .

All we need to do now is to try to get a few people together  to advertise/ payupfront  to assist in the cost of printing
So  if you know anyone who may be able to spare a few quid who wants to advertise please get them to email me the advert
Need to raise £1000 for 100 copies or £600 for 500 copies to generate £2000 to £4000 for the charity

On the other side  pre purchase would be good , if you know anyone that can assist selling or want to buy a calander they are £5 each.  

If you can get a prepurchase order this week that will help as we only need to sell 200 initially by prepurchase to raise the money that way .

OK so let me know  if they dont want a calander but want to assist in the print run let me know , if you want to send me the funds just email

Prepurchase and send me the money if you can
Advertise good or services on every page for a fee of your choice   , first come first served we only have limited spaces.

Photo: Much better weather than last time, but jolly cold.